How to add animations

I found some animations and i wanted to know how i can call them via lua in gmod. They are already compiled as a mdl and look very good in blender. [video][/video]

I guess you need to use the animation names as reference.

Well i cant call them in the console thats the problem

What do you mean by “call them via lua”?

Well i want them to call ingame maybe as a command?

What do you mean by call though? Attach them to a model?

Maybe you are looking for this

I don’t think what you trying to do is possible as to be able to use these animations with a player model you would have to recompile every player model with these new animations. Also looking at the bone structure in the video it doesn’t appear to follow the ValveBiped standard bone structure used in the player models.

Here is the workshop addon
I just want to use them ingame maybe use them via command

You cannot use these anims for players unless you decompile every single playermodel and include the animation file for these anims.

The addon creator says it is usable on every model. So, what I posted before, should work

It appears that that addon works by overriding the default male and female animation sets and adding new animations into them. If you use something like the Easy Animation Tool you can find the names of the animations and call them in Lua.