How to add bones to a model?


I’m really new to all this, so forgive my stupid questions if you find any.

I’m working on a video and for this video I downloaded some models.
One of these models is a ragdoll, but the problem is… It has no bones!
It just wiggles around a little but it has no ligaments.

Is there a way to rig this ragdoll so I can make it move like a human?


are you using blender? cause i know how to do it with that

Hey, sorry for the late response (been kinda busy),
yeah I’m using blender (I know how to use 3ds max too).

Can you help me out with Blender?

well you have to go into edit mode on the skeleton, click a spot then click add/armature/single bone and then there’s your bone. name it something. then select the bone first, then select another one and press ctrl+P and select keep offset. now the bones should be connected. if the mesh is already there, then you have to go to the groups, and add the bone there manually, copying the exact name you gave it.