How to add CS:GO Knives into Pointshop (TTT)

Hello guys i saw on many server that they had the CS:GO Knives addon on their servers in the pointshop ( now id like to ask how to put them in the pointshop so that they will work and buyable.

thanks -Dark

You should create them following the already existing crossbow file in the Pointshop addon, found here:

For information about each field in that file, see here:

Create a new file for each knife in the directory you want them in, for example fadeknife.lua in /lua/pointshop/items/weapons.

You need to then copy the crossbow item code into that file and change the configurations for it, for example ITEM.WeaponClass. To find ITEM.WeaponClass you should download the knife addon you mentioned in sandbox singleplayer. Then open the Q menu, go to the weapons tab, and right click the knife icon. This will copy the weapon file name.

Thank you…
EDIT: I actually did it now i see the icon in the pointshop but it doesnt equip thats the problem now u know maybe why?

Paste the code from one of your knife items files, make sure you put it inside


 ITEM.Name = 'Bayonet Tiger Tooth'
ITEM.Price = 2000
ITEM.Model = 'models/weapons/w_csgo_bayonet.mdl'
ITEM.WeaponClass = 'csgo_bayonet_tiger'
ITEM.SingleUse = true

function ITEM:OnBuy(ply)

function ITEM:OnSell(ply)

It should look like that or?

As the above user mentioned, unless you have edited the weapons yourself they are unlikely to work due to not using the TTT base.

You can try and convert them yourself here: