How to add custom particles to a map

I made a custom particle effect in the editor, i was wondering how to implement it into a map. Anyone know how?

Info_particle_system, and editing the particle_manifest

My particle was saved as Test3 so for particle system name i would put Test3 Right?

No. For the particle_manifest file add the name of the .pcf file only. As goes:

"file"                           "particle_file_name.pcf"

Okay so i made 3 particles in test3(put it into manifest) only particle_A shows up when i do info_particle_system even though particle_a has child’s particle_b and particle_c but only A shows up not with the other 2 childs. B and C also dont show even when i tried to spawn them separately


You add the name of the pcf to the manifest, and the actual name of the particle inside the pcf to the info_particle_system.

Children have to be made inside _a to go. I’m not sure.

well This is what i have. test3.pcf in manifest, and in the info_particle_system spawn particle_1(only shows particle_1 even though particle_1 has particle_2 and particle_3 as its children.

Do particle 2 and 3 show up when you load particle 1 in the Particle Editor?

Yes. I can view each one separately in test3 as particle_1,_2,_3 or look at particle_1 which shows all 3 with _2 and _3 as children.