How to add custom sounds to a server

I’ve recently been trying to add some music files to play on my server. Do I need fastdl or something like that? I have no idea how to do it.
This is for other people to hear it too

You can either download the sounds using workshop or FastDL. For FastDL, you need a webhost, though. Here’s the functions you need for either:

Do they need to be workshop or fastdl or can it be done in the server files itself? I added a folder named “music” in my sound folder and then added the music with “resource.AddFile( sound/music/soundfileexample.wav )” not sure if that works though.

You need to make a file in lua/autorun/server. Call it something like fastdl.lua

In that file, put this for each sound in the folder (like you probably already did):

 resource.AddFile( sound/music/soundfileexample.wav ) 

That should work. If you have done this, it should work.