How to add custom tabs to the Q-menu?

Hello guys!

I’m trying to add a “Donations” tab to the Q-Menu on my gmod dedicated server.
I noticed in the sandbox gamemode folder that there’s a file called cl_spawnmenu.lua. I oppened it and saw this:

	Add your custom tabs here.
function GM:AddToolMenuTabs()

	// Hook me!


I’ve tried to put some code in there, like Spawnmenu.addTab, etc. But I had no success.
Can you guys tell me how can I add the “Donations” tab on my server?

In any clientside script…

local function MakeYourTab()

spawnmenu.AddToolTab( "Donations", "Donations" )

hook.Add( “AddToolMenuTabs”, “DonationsTab”, MakeYourTab )