How to add custom textures to Hammer

Is there an easy way to add a custom texture to hammer editor? Currently I just want to add a credit texture to add to my map, but in the future I may want other textures. Any help?

There is a thread for questions so use that next time:

Anyways, create a folder in your materials folder for the game that you are mapping for and call it whatever you want.

Convert your picture to a VTF using this program via importing it.

After you convert it create a VMT for it by using the drop down bar labeled “tools” at the top.

Set the BaseTexture1 to this format and press ok.

Throw the VMT and the VTF in your game folder, and hammer will autoupdate once they are there.
Just search for the texture name and it is there.

To create a see-threw (decal) texture visit this guide.

Have fun mapping :slight_smile: