How to add custom weapons to pointshop

I am trying to add a custom weapon to my deathrun server, & i know how to add it & everything, & make it auto download, but when i am making the pointshop icon thing, it asks for ITEM.WeaponClass for physics gun it has ‘weapon_physgun’ & for crowbar ‘weapon_crowbar’ & whatever i have that as, it gives the person that weapon. What would i set that as to make it work? Or just any general way to make it work.

Well, it really depends on the weapon you are adding. Usually,you can just set the class name to weapon_“folder of swep here” and it should work, but sometimes people define different class names in the SWEP itself. If it is a custom on, then try adding just the name of the folder. If that doesn’t work, check the model path to the weapon and try using that where the folder name would go. It’s been a while since I have messed with pointshop so I may be massively wrong here, but that is what I remember doing. If all else fails, go into singleplayer with the weapon installed on your client and spawn it in using sandbox. Check console for the weapon name there.

Could it really have been that hard to just visit the official pointshop website like they tell you to?