How to add death notes to my server and keep it on the community tab?

Hi guys I was playing on a server that always has been on the community tab and they have a deaht note/broadcast. They only have that on the server and they are able to keep it on community. Does anyone knows about that please?

If a server is only using rcon utilities such as Rusty, and they have not installed Oxide or anything else, they do not count as modded, as the server is unmodified and all work is handled through automating rcon commands.

It’s also possible to fake your tags and appear on the community tab or even the official tab when you should be in the modded tab. However, doing this is grounds for your server IP being permanently blacklisted from the Rust server browser.

Really? I didn’t know that. So that server is using some kind of plugin to show deaths and is still on community, they are doing something ilegal right? How can I report the server?

RustAdmin is a rcon tool that can be used for all server types. It has a death note setting. So you could be trying to report a legal server.