How to add F4 Menu tabs Dark RP

I was wondering how to add extra tabs and also remove tabs similar to the ones here:

I want to remove the HUD tab as our server will have a custom hud

client/vgui.lua: ~row 293:
F4MenuTabs:AddSheet(“HUD”, F4Tabs[4], “gui/silkicons/user”, false, false)[/lua]
Remove that to remove the tab.

To create a new tab, go to line 255 and add a new function to the end of that table, like so:
F4Tabs = {GAMEMODE:MoneyTab(), GAMEMODE:JobsTab(), GAMEMODE:EntitiesTab(), GAMEMODE:RPHUDTab()}
if LocalPlayer():IsAdmin() then
table.insert(F4Tabs, GAMEMODE:RPAdminTab())
if LocalPlayer():IsSuperAdmin() then
table.insert(F4Tabs, GAMEMODE:RPLicenseWeaponsTab())
F4Tabs[10] = MyNiceTab() //Index 10 is put to prevent collisions[/lua]
Now go down a few rows to the AddSheet again, add:
F4MenuTabs:AddSheet(“MyTab”, F4Tabs[10], “gui/silkicons/bomb”, false, false)
Go now to showteamtabs.lua, at the top add:
function MyNiceTab()
local basepanel = vgui.Create(“DPanel”)
//Called by DarkRP whenever the panel is shown to update its info.
basepanel.Update = function(self)

//Must return the basepanel, otherwise errors! 
return basepanel

Then you add whatever you want onto the basepanel.

How do you make your HUD like that, like so its not that horrible red colour?

Do a search through all files in the darkrp folder using notepad++ or the likes for “:SetSkin(“DarkRP”)” then just remove all those lines.

FPtje actually does “basepanel:Update()” not “basepanel.Update = function()”. Shouldn’t really make a difference, however it’s good to stick to the same style. Also, to use the DarkRP skin he’d have to set the skin after ending the “Update” function, like so: "basepanel:SetSkin( “DarkRP” ).

And then do what,? just i want to change the colours of the menu

Is this for Gmod 13 or Gmod 12?

Probably 13.

This wont work for 2.5, If you are wondering.

Because it’s old and is (now) the incorrect way to do it.