How to add faceposing to a ragdoll?

Well never had rigged a face before, because i don´t understand how i seperate the lip? because if i try to add bones to (for example) a decolpiled model of scout wich had an skeleton but no bones in the face if i try to add the model just “destroy his face” like the weird faceposing in gmod, and i can see (the creepy teets) that he had mouth but i can´t pose it (in blender so if you can make a ragdoll faceposable with another program go ahead). Sorry my english )=

it’s tricky, but basically you have to add a shape key. then grab the model and move aroung the polys until you get the shape you want for the face, when it is set to full. then it comes in the vta, then there are more lines you need to add in the compiler

just go following haxxer magnificent tutorial