How to add fonts to fastdl? (noob)

Hello everyone! I’ve been having issues with fastdl recently. I’m trying to add a font to the servers fastdl, but it doesn’t work. I tried resource.AddSingleFile(“path”) and it didn’t work.
Any help? Thanks!

This is a current issue with GMod. Fonts cannot be downloaded over fastdl.

maybe I’m wrong, I thought I remember someone saying it didn’t work over fastdl

Really? Because i’ve joined servers, and while loading i’ve seen fonts being downloaded

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What about webdl, or something like that I heard about?

I’m not certain about this myself. I think that’s with the Workshop, not FastDL. Correct me if I’m wrong.

In reply to ExZPErience, webdl is not a thing.

hmm… u should be able to make them download fonts i believe
it might look something like this i guess
if ( SERVER ) then
resource.AddFile( “resource/fonts/Font.ttf” )

never tried it out yet im too lazy :stuck_out_tongue: