How to add maps to prophunt.

I started a fretta server some days ago. It has prophunt and extreme football throwdown. With EFT i have no problem, it shows up in the gamemode voting screen, and then the maps appear in the map voting screen. But with prophunt, although the gamemode appears when voting, no maps are visible in the voting screen. Any clue how to add the maps to the gamemode? My prophunt folder structure is as follows(\ means its a folder):


Fretta looks for maps that start with ph_, cs_ and de_, put them in your /maps/ folder and Prophunt should automatically detect them and put them up for voting. It may need to wait until the next vote session for it to work properly. Also make sure you update your FastDL so players are able to join instantly!

Depending on which version you grabbed (I have the one with extra taunts from the workshop) you may need to extract the *.gma into folders (Fretta, Prop Hunt) and put them into your /gamemodes/ folder. Doing this, it works flawlessly and detects all maps from the maps folder.