how to add model without the legacy addon

how can add model files ( Model and material ) so that they will appear in the spawn list. -some people said to extract both models/materials in to garrysmod>garrysmod and look for the maker but i still cant see it

To add it to the spawnlist, you’ll have to create a custom spawnlist or modify the default one. Overall, it’s easier to do a legacy addon if you don’t want to do a spawnlist.

I’ll help you with a spawnlist if that’s what’d you like to do.

that would be nice please help

Would you rather add them to an existing spawnlist or add it to an existing?

Also, list all the model names and paths.

existing spawnlist and the name of the model RE6_Sherry.7z

Can you give me the direct path for the model?

what do you mean by that

A .7z isn’t a model type, it a compression format. Open it up with 7-zip.

sryy but i have no clue what you trying to say but here the link for the model if that helps

can i get help anyone?

You need to listen to code_gs. He is explaining what you need to do. Don’t just shoot him down like that. If you want help, it’s right in front of you.

im not shooting him down i appreciate him to help me i just wondering when will he will reply back

Just download the program 7-zip ( and open the .7z file with it. Inside are the model files you’re looking for.

Some things you need to do yourself; I don’t do everything for people.