How to add models to the addon folder


I have been having fun creating some models for garry’s mod, i have exported one of them, and it works in gmod if i put the stuff in the main folder, but when i try to add them to the addon folder, it wont work :confused:

in the folder itself, i have the following:

 β”œ [-]materials
 β”‚  β”” [-]kitsunekaze93
 β”‚      β”œ light.vmf
 β”‚      β”œ light.vmt
 β”‚      β”œ metal.vmf
 β”‚      β”œ metal.vmt
 β”‚      β”œ metal_n.vmt
 β”‚      β”œ metal2.vmf
 β”‚      β”” metal2.vmt
 β”œ [-]models
 β”‚  β”” [-]kitsunekaze93
 β”‚      β”œ cannon.dx80
 β”‚      β”œ cannon.dx90
 β”‚      β”œ cannon.mdl
 β”‚      β”œ cannon.phy
 β”‚      β”œ cannon.sw
 β”‚      β”” cannon.wd
 β”œ [-]settings
 β”‚  β”” [-]spawnlist
 β”‚      β”” combatmodels.txt
 β”œ icon.tga
 β”” info.txt

here is the info file:

    "name"                    "Combatmodels"
    "version"                  "1.0"
    "up_date"                "2011-08-07"
    "author_name"          "Kitsunekaze93"
    "author_email"          ""
    "author_url"             "none"
    "info"                      "Adds custom models to the game"
    "override"                "0"

when i add the models and materials directly into the main folder, it works flawlessly, but it cant seem to find the model when i add it to the addons folder :confused:
im sure im just making some stupid simple mistake, but it just wont work :confused:
here is the qc file in case thats the problem:

$cd "C:/Documents and Settings/kitsunekaze/Desktop/3dmodel"
$modelname "kitsunekaze93\cannon.mdl"
$model "body" "prop.smd"
$cdmaterials "kitsunekaze93/"
$surfaceprop "metal"
$scale 1.0
$keyvalues  {
     prop_data  { 
        "base" "metal.Small"
$sequence idle "propseq.smd" fps 1
$sequence up   "propseq2.smd" fps 10
$sequence down "propseq3.smd" fps 10
$collisionmodel "propco.smd" {
    $mass 100
    $inertia 1.00
    $damping 0.00
    $rotdamping 0.00

please help me…

It have always been that way, that if you are adding big models it’s best to put them into the main directory. Just make a fast-unzip version of the addon and tell them to extract it to garrysmod\garrysmod.

About the models thing, I’m not really sure :confused:

guess i will have to do that :confused: but would be neat to have everything in addon format :confused:

It’s not difficult to extract. Most of the best addons often are garrysmod\garrysmod extracted.

no, i guess :confused:
but it is easier to remove/update when you have it all in addon format :confused:
i wanna make it into an svn, like cap, wiremod, sbep, life support and some others, and then its much easier to have it in addon format :confused:

okay, so i made a couple of other models, cleaned up gmod by deleting and reinstalling, did exactly as before with the addon, and it worked -_-’