How to add more Face Poser flexes to a ragdoll?

I’m curious how difficult or easy it is to add Face Poser flexes to an existing ragdoll. What sort of software is necessary to do it? In particular, I noticed the Megaman X ragdoll on the Workshop only has a scant few flexes, and I’ve thought at length about adding more myself, but is it an extremely unintuitive process?

you need a 3d editor that can export morphs as VTA

then you call the VTA in your QuackCommand (*.QC)


flexfile "Blink_R.vta"
flex "Blink_R" frame 10
flexcontroller "phoneme" "Blink_R" "range" 0 1
%Blink_R = Blink_R

uses the controller phoneme and calls up the vta animation on frame 10. labels it ingame as “Blink_R” if they have valve names, then you can use valve facial animations…

overall not a complicated process… just time consuming.