How to add more ram to a gmod dedicated server?

Hi. I finally got my server up and its currently hosting TTT( ) And whenever it is changing rounds, it lags a lot. My internet connection is great and thats not the issue. How do i allocate ram to the server? It also somtimes lags when just doing random activities . Thank You for helping.

You have provided us with the information we need to fully help you with your issue.
All you need to do is go here, chose your amount and bobs your uncle.

I want a real answer here. You cant download ram. Please help me for real.

either your server has bad specs(512bytes ram; 0 cores with 0.00GHz), or anything, also srcds servers rely more on CPU, not ram, you really should provide better info.

it is a srcds server. Here r my specs. intel I3, 3.30 GHZ and 6 GB of ram. Its my old computer that im only using for hosting this server.

You need more dedicated wam

All im using that computer for is hosting a 18 player server.

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everything works fine except for that

Hosting a server off your computer for a multiplayer game is typically bad practice.
Mainly because your computer isn’t made for such usage (as in your CPU).
I recommend renting out or buying a dedicated server when hosting servers, because ever if you are successful at running the server it is likely that the server will have alot of server-side performance issues.
However, if you really want to host the server off your computer, RAM isn’t your issues. It’s your CPU

How much RAM does the PC have, and how much is SRCDS using?

I mean the only way to answer this question is literally getting new ram and sticking it in your dedicated server. Do you not know how to do that?

This thread attracted the 12 year olds of facepunch congratualations now to actually answer your question. You don’t need any extra ram at all i believe the max amount of ram a gmod server can use is 2GB. What is most likely lagging your server is the cpu as Gmod servers are only able to utilise 1 thread for physics etc. You can try lowering the servers tickrate if you haven’t already 33 is usually the best or the best solution would probably be setting the affinity of the server to use the least used core on your system so it doesn’t get bogged down by the operating system or useless programs you might have running on it.

I said in my post that its the CPU too >-<; also my gmod server strangely didnt even hit 1GB yet, linux tells me I got around 2.7GB free(cached including) from 3GB.

Pretty sure a portion of this will be caused by the way TTT’s been coded, since we got this on our servers and I think it happens on singleplayer too

Like, a lot of data is being thingied and stuff when round starts

Aint there no way that TTT Could be like, completely recoded, as a big project, I don’t know if it can be optimized.

stay tuned folks :^)