How to add my language characters to Dead Space 2

hey guys, i am translater, and i am translating Dead Space 2 game to my language. but problem is game dont support some of my language characters. so thats my question

how to add my language characters to game. i opened that DS2DAT2.DAT file with tools and found a file name text_assets_global.str

i unpacked this str file and found a file 0005_eurostileltstdbold32.tg4d

Eurostile LT Bold

so i think its a font file, but i dunno how to open this file. because its type .tg4d

anyone can help me guys?

You’re asking in the wrong section, dude. Fonts have nothing to do with models.

This is the models section.

I would tell you to go to Xentax for advice since that’s more their area of expertise but it’s a paysite now. So unless you want to ‘donate’ to register or already have an account there from before the paywall, you’re pretty much out of luck.

guys thanks but, dead space 2 models files .tg4d type too, so there is a key question

how to open .tg4d type files. forgot font etc,