How to add myself as admin with ULX/ASSMod?

Kay so i got my server finely tuned. but how do i add myself and my friend as admins?(It doesn’t class me as admin)

(This is for ulx) First of all you have to know your rcon password. You first type in rcon_password XXXXX. Then you type

(X is your password)
(Y is the Persons name)
( Super Admin or just Admin)
(1 is immunity, you can’t be banned or booted from the game and 0 is not immunity)

As for assmod I have no idea.

Let me help you my steam id is doggiedoo86

just do ulx adduser “your name” admin

[Quote = Yumyumbubleg; 12202024]
(Dette er for Ulx) Først og fremmest skal man kende din rcon password. Du skal først skrive i rcon_password XXXXX. Så du skriver

(X er din adgangskode)
(Y er Personer navn)
(Super Admin eller bare Admin)
(1 er immunitet, kan du ikke være forbudt eller startes op fra spillet og 0 er ikke immunitet)

Som for assmod jeg har ingen idé om. [/ QUOTE]

hey im finish with my server but i dont now how to do myself to an server owner and i use ass_mod but i cant see it because i think i have to do it in out site the server but i dont now how…
can u help me

Connect to ur server.
rcon_password (RCON PASSWORD)
rcon ass_giveownership “ID” (You can find your Unique ID when u type Status, not STEAM ID, it sumthing like 4) <FOR ASSMOD>
rcon ulx adduser “Name” “superadmin” “1” <ULX!!!>