How to add names to murder?

Looking at old threads, they say to go into the data folder, but of course with workshop content, gamemodes and such are all neatly stored away in .GMA files.

Is there a tool around that can easily decompile and then recompile these files so I can go about adding names into the murder gamemode? I’m not running a dedicated server, just using Evolve VPN to play with friends.

Well if you’d searched how to extract GMA files in google you wouldnt have to waste your time posting and waiting but here just download the exe then drag the GMA on top of it and it should extract in that directory.

I read that thread and loads of people reported that it doesn’t work so I avoided it…

GMad Extractor is what you want. It has a simple interface. Open it, navigate to the .gma, extract to a folder, done.