How to add noclip to my server?

Im trying to add noclip to my server for admins but i cant seem to find how. And if it is counted as a mod, will my server show up in mods?

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No clip is not needed, simply add a plug that allows the admins to open all doors. I’m assuming you want this to inspect players and not to grief em.


You should look into more how servers work, if you are trying to run one.

You have the base Rust game which has its own commands that can be run through rcon (remote console). These are essentially for turning different variables on and off.
You then have a modding engine that hooks into to engine and creates an interface to the game. The most common for Rust are Oxide & Magma.
These engines support modular scripts, so you can essentially download ‘plugins’ that interface with Oxide/Magma.

Go and check out the development forums for these modding engines, and you will find scripts already exist for being able to give admins the ability to open any door.

oh i know about mods and dont want that in my server