How to add player model pack to pointshop?

Me and my friends are starting a TTT server and im pretty new so i dont understand some of it, but got a pointshop ( and i was wondering how to add the gmod tower player pack to it? help would be very appreciated.

If you’re new and have no knowledge of lua then why don’t you just have a vanilla server instead of forcing clients to download 500mb of addons and playermodels that they don’t want?

If you’re so hell bent on having your little pointshop, then look into the code because I’m sure that the developer neatly commented it so even a little knucklehead like you can understand it and go about bastardizing it with unnecessary content.

You’d have to add each model with a seperate lua file for each in the Pointshop’s items folder.

Knowledge of LUA - makes models magically download?