How to add SRV DNS record to be compatible with gmod?

Hello I want add SRV record so I could join my server by the subdomain and not the IP. I saw alot servers have it like SuperiorServers or Zarp but I am wondering how to do it.

PS: I am using cloudflare

There’s no support for SRV dns records in Garry’s Mod. Those servers probably have a unique IP address for each subdomain/server with each server running on port 27015.

Even if we added the support for it, Steam wouldn’t handle it and you’d need to declare the port in any steam://… links or for adding favourites to the Steam server list.

I am running server on one ip adress

I host web server and the gmod but I cant get it to work it seems like it resolves cloudflare ip adress I will still try doing something to stop cloudflare doin it

On Cloudflare, there is an option to either route traffic through Cloudflare or through your host directly. It should be under your DNS tab.

See this: