How to add street names to server

How to add street names to server?


You’re probably thinking about an addon. Try Google.

I did try google. Nothing came up. I want an addon that will tell the player what street they’re on.

Wouldn’t wiremods text tool do the job?

By “tell the player what street they’re on”, do you mean like text appearing on their screens for a couple of seconds when walking in?

If so you might be looking for this:
I’m not sure if there’s a free alternative…

I’m sure you can do this with hammer, can you not? Like a hud_hint entity and it’ll tell you on the side or bottom screen? Or is this just for CS?

But yeah I’ve seen this on a different server where it tells you what street you’re on above or on the HUD…

My script will work exactly for the needs he wants, thanks for linking it. :slight_smile:
I have not seen any free addons/scripts that would do the same thing.

That would require you to have to recompile the map and seems like a step backwards when it could all be done in lua.