How to add to game?

Hi I am fucked off now I keep trying to add stuff, or do it myself and I cant do it. I keep raging. Can anyone give me a link to a basic complete shithead noob tutorial?

That’s quite a vague question, but here’s a tutorial on creating and running Lua scripts in Gmod.

How to add what to game? What do you need help with?

Injecting lua to code to my mod. I have went to it. Successfully setup notepad++ and made it work with gmod. But what if I want to make it work with my mod. I dont know where do you change rules and most mods have like SP and MP. I couldnt just copy code for my COOP experience. I need some snippets explained in high detail. I managed to do that msg(“Hello World”) code, but then if statement messed me up. I know how to use it in spreadsheets but I think I needed to add something more.

You mean creating a gamemode?

It doesent work with Gmod.

Remember, you have to close your functions/statements/timers and so on. Functions and statements are closed by writing “end”. Timers are opened and closed with brackets:

timer.Create("My timer", 10, 0, function(ply) -- opening the timer with ( and function with... function()
ply:ChatPrint("10 seconds have passed!")
end) -- Closing function with end and timer with )


Could you add me on steam, thanks id: hl2michaelball