How to alt+tab without crashing / How to play in fullscreen mode without crashing [Possible FIX]

If your game crashes when trying to launch it in a fullscreen mode or you just want to be able to alt+tab from the fullscreen, try this:

  1. Start your rust. launcher and select a resolution you would like to use in fullscreen mode, but still launch it in windowed mode.
  2. After you’ve launched your game in windowed mode and you’re at main menu, just connect to any server you would like to play on.
  3. Finally when you’ve connected to the server, just simply press “alt + enter” to switch to fullscreen (Actually it’s just a borderless window I think, but it looks exactly same as fullscreen)

Atleast it works for me, I’m writing this while I’m alt+tabbed from my game and it’s still running fine :slight_smile:

Tried and it works, somewhat.

It’s cut out along the border about 1 cm in still, which is quite annoying. So I’m still forced to play in windowed.

Well, I didn’t promise it’ll work perfectly for everyone, I’m sorry.