How to always get the "minimal" of two vectors

Hi, I’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time trying to figure this out. How do you find which of two vectors is the minimal and which is the maximum as described here. Thank you!

I’m guessing that your confusion is as follows:

vector A might have a smaller X compared to vector B, but a larger Y component

so in this regard A and B both have mins and maxes within them, and it is made difficult to decide if A is a min or a max

the solution is that you’re thinking about it wrong (it isn’t about the original vectors, but rather their x y z components individually):

if you’re defining a box by a minimum corner and a maximum corner, you take the min and max components from the vectors to form new vectors:

if A was 123, 50, -400
and B is -10, 90, -30

the minimum vector is -10, 50, -400 and the maximum vector is 123, 90, -30

OrderVectors this function will do it for you

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