How to animate v_models

I know, rate me dumb, this has been done a million times before, and etc. But can someone give me a tutorial or a link of a tutorial on HOW to ANIMATE a gun for css, a reskin for css, surely. I have a model and everything but the model is missing animations, it doesn’t even have draw animations, so I’d like to learn how to animate the model.

So practically, can someone give me a link/tutorial on how to take a model and animate it, not how to make a model, how to take a model and animate it.

Replies appreciated thanks. (Rate me dumb or late or whatever, just teach me how to, or give me a link of a tutorial, thanks.)

I look for a tutorial for this
Since I have to do to put this in any weapon
I want to learn
Encontre this packaging

And this video that shows qie has these sleeves