How to appear as "Admin" in TAB and in Chat?

So I have my own dedicated server, which I have ade mmyself admin on and joined locally, but how do I appear as an admin to others? You know if I type something in chat, my name will be in red color, and when hitting TAB it will say I am “Host” or “Admin” or something, how do I do this?


You can install an admin mod like ULX, Evolve or others.

Oh that will do it? I will install it then, thanks.

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Ulx: Invalid Command Entered.

This is what I wrote ingame: rcon ulx adduser [SG-X] Colonel Jack O’Neill superadmin 1
what’s wrong?

Try partial name, or adduserid

Tried only a partial of the name, worked! :wink: Thanks

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… but I still don’t appear as an admin on the server :confused: Help?

Are you asking for it to show you as a special colour in chat and like a badge on your name in the scoreboard?

If so then you need a custom scoreboard for that, and possible custom chatbox. Or does the default scoreboard do it, I’ve actually no idea :slight_smile:

If I host the server locally ingame “Create a server”, I will shop up as the “Host”, “Server operator” or soemthing like that in TAB, and I will have a red text in my name in chat.

EDIT: Seems like custom scoreboard is the way to go. Will get one.

I know ULX used to offer a “custom scoreboard” which could be downloaded from their own forum. I recommend Evolve if you really want a custom scoreboard, since each rank will get it’s own “tab” in the scoreboard where all users of a certain rank are grouped.

AFAIK, SUI Scoreboard still works.

I can’t think of any reason it shouldn’t work, or would only need very minor edits to be compatible again.

I did once put it in our darkrp servers, can’t remember why I removed it.

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I forget which you want… I remember the second doesn’t require uTime, but will utilise it if needed.