How to apply texture in 3ds max. -Important-

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

So I have downloaded the mw3 and mw2 3d characters models, but once I open one model just for checking the textures and all that stuff I realize that I don’t know how to texture in 3ds max (xD).
Since I only know how to apply texture in cinema 4d, I’m stuck whit this problem :frowning:

I started using 3ds max and maya only a few weeks ago, so Im not a pro whit these programms…

Could some one that already downloaded those models how u did to apply textures?

I really need those models…

Thank you.

Your -Important- Tag actually turns into -not Important-

well… at least you didn’t type it in ALL CAPS i’ll help ya out

Hit ‘M’ on your keyboard to bring up the material editor window click the color pic icon and select the model

click that and select the material

Ok, thank you.

But here it is the 2nd problem:

Once Im here

You can see the name of the texture (8628502A.DDS), and if I go in the folder of that model there is no texture whit that name :frowning:

See here

It is the same problem I have on c4d, the texture name…

You probably should convert the .dds to .tga
Well that’s what I do ._.

How do u do that?
I should try…

Get the DDS plugin

Once I have installed it what should I do?

Just drag and drop the correct texture onto the model.

That is the problem xD

The name in the program and the name in the folder are different.

Select the material and then change the name then.

I think no one has understand my problem…

I do not know what texure apply to a specific mesh because the name of the textures in the program are ALL like DS4DA4DF4AS.DDS, and in the texure folder are ALL like this:

That’s so boring I have lik 200 models whit this problem.

If there is some one that has downloaded those models, can u tell me how u apply the right texture to the right mesh??


Use tga and just drop them on the mesh :v

I feel like you just literally need to drop the texture onto the model. I dont think we can help you to tell you what texture is part of which section of the model. You’ll just have to guess.

Yea, now I’ve understanded how solve the problems.

Thanks all of u guys for ur patience!