How to attach gun mods (Video inside)

This shows how you attach a gun mod to your weapon 06/24. At the moment it eats your gun if you do it otherwise.

Good guy Confuzzed Otto!

Unnecessary comment. Thanks Otto, finally I can start using the weapon attachments.

Does the item itself stay like the research kit when put on a weapon?

i’ve said this method atleast 10 times in chat and posted it once on a psi video… people just dont fucking listen

Yeah, but that’s because this is also a dupe glitch.

Well here’s a fact, not every single player was on at the times you said it, and another fact, most Facepunchers who play Rust do not read a single comment, let alone watch, Psi’s videos.

I know how to do it myself (a different way however), but the guy who shown be it asked me not to show it to anyone else, since he wanted the attachments for himself kind of thing.