How to attach props to yourself.

i once saw a guy running around with a round plate on his back which was acting as a sheild, i asked him how he did it and i was’nt very surprized when what seemed to be a 8 year old kid screaming into his mic saying it was a secret. i attempted to make one my self but failed, if anyone knows how to makwe it so that you have a prop attached to yourself please tell me.

I once saw a guy running around on a death match server killing people by using the duplicator tool right in front of him and a he made a single shipping container slide across the map running people over. from what i saw there were no other props involved, no wire, no rope. he also managed to do this with other props such as wooden fence. just like the previous question i have asked please tell me if you know what to do.

E2’s applyForce()

or he got a weapon i’m sure welded it to it? and picked up that gun

I honestly can’t remember, Sorry. But good luck!

thank you for your help, im not so familiar with e2 and i have tried welding a prop to a weapon, but sadly that failed. i will look into e2.

The same effect can be achieved using this addon. Given the user’s apparent age, I suspect this was what he was using:


Damn so close =/

im not to shore if the server i was on had this addon, i looked at it and this is different to what i mean. when the person turns, the prop turns with him.

Ah. Then indeed the most likely culprit is an Expression 2 chip he downloaded from somewhere.

thanks, as i said, i will look into e2.

It could be ent_fire.

ent_fire !self setname player1
ent_fire !picker setname prop (aiming at the prop you wish to attach)
ent_fire prop setparent player1

This would parent a prop to you (or anything you want really)

I might of got the exact commands wrong, but it’s similar :v: