How to Backup a DarkRP Server

So, I know this maybe a dumb question… However, I want to make sure I loose NO important data while switching hosts.

So, I currently use the Xenon Garry’s Mod server hosting service. I want to change to NFO, so I need to backup all of my data for DarkRP. Now, I will be backing up the whole addon folder, so I know none of that will be missing, however, I know there’s somethings in the data folder that I might need to backup. So, please help me! Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Download your data folder and addons folder. If you need to then do resource, material, models and lua folders too. Thats all of your stuff! :slight_smile:

All you really need is the data folder, and addons. You would only need the DarkRP folder if you modified the gamemode itself.

Will do! However, I only have one custom file in the Lua folder. Which is resources.lua, do I only need to download that file?

Anyone else have something I need to backup? Want to make sure I have everything!

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Alright mate, thanks a lot! This is conformation.

– Solved