How to balance Base-Raids

Hey guys,

As you all know, one of the biggest problems of multiplayer survival games is the balancing of raids.

1. If raiding is possible: People won’t spent much time building complex bases because they get raided anyway or they abuse the game mechanics to make unraidable bases (like building a base mid-air).
2. If raiding is impossible: Then Rust loses alot of potential, since PvP and especially base-raiding are key-features for Rust. It also makes the game to easy.
3. If raiding is to easy: New players on a server will lose interest in the game when they get raided by advanced players over and over again, without any chance to catch up to the advanced players
4. If raiding is to hard: No one will care about raiding someone, since it’s not worth it

So what can we do? In reallife, a base would always be raidable. But the difference is, that if you go to bed in real life, you can wake up if someone raids your base/home. In Rust you go offline and you won’t have a chance to catch your enemies when they raid your base, since you are not in the game… So if the player isn’t online, how can we make sure his base is still raidable without making it unfair for players who are offline?

**Idea: Give us some options to defend our bases even when we are offline! **

Things that could help defending our bases:

  • real Traps (pitfall with spikes, a net etc.)
  • automatic guns

The traps are for the less advanced players, but still very effective when the enemy doesn’t see them. They are good to defend small buildings. The automatic guns on the other side are for advanced players who want to defend large bases. But you need to produce ammunition for the automatic guns and you need to refill them. When they run out of ammunition, they don’t do anything anymore. With traps and automatic guns it would be possible to defend your base even if you are offline.

I’m aware that it would be hard to balance traps/automatic guns, but I think it’s worth it, since base-raiding is a key-feature in Rust.

I don’t agree with 2.

RUST has tons of potential, it would be a shame if it used it all to basically become “Base Raider: Lootin Tootin Edition”. Raiding should be something that can happen, but not a primary goal or focus. Just something that can happen sometimes if someone is determined enough and wants to waste and dedicate the resources.

The game is too easy now but we are still in Alpha and have no real external threats. Let’s see what shows up.

@RedJenny: I’m not saying that Rust should only be about raiding, but it’s a key-feature. You can build your own base and others can exploit the weaknesses of your base to raid it. Some people were suggesting that if your base is build right, it should be unraidable. Other argue that a base should always be raidable. But how can you defend yourself when you are asleep and getting attacked? And with traps/automatic guns you can protect yourself. But automatic guns are expensive and need alot of ammunition in order to work. This gives the player a reason to farm for materials even after he has finished his base.

IMO? bases should always be a tiny bit harder to raid than to build. this is to offset the fact that a player will likely not always be on, and having a defensive position should grant a mild advantage. but no base should ever be unraidable.

I like the idea of traps.

What I want to be able to do is rig loot boxs with C4. Pick the wrong one, and your raid comes to an abrupt end.