How to ban someone that left

How do I ban someone that left? I’m using assmod and I want to ban someone that left right after they abused.

With ULX you can ban someone if you got their Steam ID. Dunno about ASSmod, though.

If you have their Steam ID you can ban them by their Steam ID.

Banid length steamid

What flapjack said.
Btw, With Evolve you’ll be able to do this easily :slight_smile:

If you didn’t catch their SteamID, it should be in the server log. If you did, however, just do what the above posters said.

That will only work if you have server logging enabled.

And with FlapMin if I ever finish it :open_mouth:

so is it
banid 500 STEAM_0:0:23185435

Type this into your console:

find banid

help banid

will do the same job, but will be easier for him to understand