How to ban steam ID's using evolve?


I was just wondering, with evolve, you have to ban the person while he is in your server.

Is there a plugin that allows you to ban steam ID’s? Thanks.

Jesus, why the fuck didnt you just make 1 thread called “Evolve questions” instead of making 3 threads?

More specific this way? QQ it is 3 seperate threads. Get over it.

you can use

!rcon banid <bantime> <SteamID>

or !command

!command banid <bantime> <SteamID>

if you haven’t rcon access.


Or actually use the ban plugin:

!ban STEAM_0:1:398492389 5 Minging and stuff


ev ban "STEAM_0:1:2493028490283" 5 Minging and stuff