How to be a Jimmy

So I played this game for a couple days now, and I think I’m done with all the actual content. I have all the blueprints (or all the ones that matter), have a house that is hidden and hard to get in to, have raided a couple homes. I basically have everything. What do I do now?

It’s time for Jimmy mode.
Jimmies are fresh spawns, the guys with just a rock, torch and 2 bandages.
The nice thing about being a Jimmy, is that you CANNOT LOSE.
There’s literally nothing you can lose, you just run around and mess with people.
When they shoot you, you WIN! They just wasted bullets on a Jimmy! HAH, I’ll just respawn near their base and do the same thing again.
They won’t keep killing you, they can’t win, since you cannot lose.
After a while they will accept you being there, since there is nothing they can do about it.
Then you WIN more!

Some say I’m crazy, but I’m just outplaying them.

It’d be fun if you carry on like that for long time, then one sunny day take a shotgun with you and blast them up close :smiley:

10 Jimmy’s having a nakey-party outside the admins base…

Sounds sexy.