How to be successful?

Hey guys!
I’ve been playing this game for about 20 hours and I can’t be successful. The latest failure I was at B3 on this map ( and i still got raided. There was nothing out there but trees and mountains and we still got raided. So I’m wondering, how can I build a successful base without people raiding it every now and then?

Dont cook at night, And avoid everyone. STAY IN CROWDED AREAS.

I don’t cook at night, I avoid everyone and isn’t it easier not to get raided if you are out in nowhere?

Well, When your the only one they see they dont have to decide on which base to raid. Add me on skype, we should play sometime. My skype is Bangthefishdied

I’ll add you, allthough I just started playing with 2 others and I have 3 more I will start playing with :stuck_out_tongue: all swedish

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I’ve tried both building out in nowhere and among people

Try to find some strangers and team up together…

From the point of view of a raider, with current game balance, your building needs to be worth raiding. As a raider, these points will generally apply:

  • Won’t spend more than 10 charges on a base.
  • Want to know where the loot room is, discarding any fake loot rooms.
  • Want to know there is decent loot, or at least a decent amount of loot. No one is blowing down the metal door on a 1x1 if there’s nothing but a small crate inside and the person is logged off - it means they logged with their stuff.

So, address the above.

Check out InsaneParrots ‘start from scratch’ video. Might give you some good insights!