How to beat first boss?

I tried to kill it with my cheese cannon but no effect, do I just use the stardust hammer or do I have to get Willy Wonka to ally with me in the first chapter?

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I don’t think this is Rust related… If so, please explain how.

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you have to use that

Ohhhhhh the thing in the second chapter with the purple spikes and the tire.


Ok, so I tried and now Vin Diesel keeps killing me in the room before the boss :c

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Rename the Rust subforum to General Disruption.

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Why are people so mean, I’m stuck here.

Wtf are you talking about? This isn’t related to rust…

are you sure you’re playing the rust? maybe you’re not very good and haven’t gotten far enough yet

Have you destroyed the generators yet? That helps quite a bit, at least with the infiltration portion of this mission.

No, I forgot to get Sam Fisher in my squad.

Rookie mistake. But it’s okay, just go back to the Frequency Harmonic Transport in the prologue and he’ll be standing there waiting for you to come crawling back.

No willy wont help you in this sticky situation, nor will the stardust hammer unfortunately. Though they will help you later on in the game. If you backtrack a bit and go to the mermaid merchant who can upgrade your cheese cannon to have spread capability then you will be equipped to take it down.

Hopefully this helps dude.

i heard hes a double agent and working for the other team.

THANK YOU!! Finally downed him, on to act 2 :slight_smile:

you must be high dude