How to become a host server

Hello I’m playing Garry’s mod and I wanted to know how could I create a server, But not a dedicated server but a distant server that isn’t using my computer’s resources or my internet conection’s resources thanks for answering me

Rent a server with a server provider like…
Xeon servers

Can can buy one, you can’t become one, silly.

Can can buy one


, silly.

You don’t want a dedicated server and you don’t want it on your computer… mmk

NO I already have a server (it’s not a server for games) and I’ve got so much space on it so I want to use some of it for games. I want to do like ranting servers.

Install srcds, follow a tutorial like this:

It’ll still be using his internet though.

The only way he could do everything he is asking for is to pay for another line just for the server.

i honestly dont think anyone with your level of intelligence could run a successful company

But he wants to ‘rant’ servers.

I have a server but it’s not for video games and I want to know how can use part of the server for games. I’m trying to make like I want to have my own server but not a dedicated that use my computer’s resources


I don’t want run a company just want have a server that’s mine that I’m not ranting it from another company;

Install SRCDS.