How to become a sucessful poser.

You forgot cover it in a coffee filter and add 500% film grain and 12 inch cinematic bars over everything

wowowow russian with a XM8 unrealistic no lensflare no grain

You forgot the brown

Needs a really awkward camera angle and smoke along the bottom

usful tut 100/10 :))


But seriously someone should make a tutorial with some tips for posing. Every posing tutorial I have ever seen has only cowered how to do a generic rifle aim pose…

There isn’t a need for a posing tutorial. Alot of it is trial and error and learning things on your own.

Typically it’s an AK variant of some kind but other than that this is rather accurate.

and exaggerated dusts out of nowhere around the bottom of the pic

i.e. what i just said

Nigga this is 2011. You gotta add that lens flare.

Lens flare can actually look really good and be used to a stylistic effect if done right, same with bloom. Problem is that most people don’t.

That’s equivalent to asking me how to take a shit, fucking take a shit and then you’ll know.

For all you dumb asses it means go and pose a ragdoll taking a shit and if it looks like you taking a shit than its fucking okay.

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most people just dun giv fuk’