How to Better index a Vactor/Angle

Hi all,

As i saw the Angle/Vector indexing in some sources, in some we have:

Ang.P, Ang.pitch, A.p
Vec.X, Vec.x

Is there any conventional way of addressing the components of the vectors/angles,
also as they are tables ( Like all objects in Lua ) I can assume that this is also acceptable:

( I prefer this, coz its parametrization… Ang[PitchIndex] … )

Ang[“P”], Ang[“pitch”], Ang[“p”]
Vec[“X”], Vex[“x”]

Wiki 1 :
Wiki 2 :

Thanks !

The fastest way I believe would be Ang[1] or Vec[1], the rest is “do it how you like it”. Ang.p Ang.ptich. Ang.P should all be the same.

That i needed to hear 10x :slight_smile: