how to block or limit the craft or drop c4/explosives of the server?

I need to know if it is possible to craft block of C4 explosives and temporary, or decrease the drop as it is very easy to get them.
I want to have a good catch up to both people in the server not to be destroyed houses, this is really annoying!

OB. I am the owner of the server!

Depending on what provider you are using you will be able to use different mods. For example i use multiplay provider with oxide mod. Withon oxide mod i wad able to get an addon to eliminate c4 crafting. Check to see what mods your server provider offers.

It is not possible to do with rust + +?

Yes, if you have drop party you can delete explosives from being craftable and only getting c4 from drops.

One hashtag (#) is all it takes to be honest. You want to comment out the item “Explosives” from the file SupplyDropA.cfg.
Or you can get rid of that whole line.

# Min	Max	NoDupes	OneOfEach
1	1	False	True

# Prob Weight	T or I	Item Name	Min Count	Max Count
0	I	Gunpowder	200	200
0	I	Metal Fragments	200	200
0	I	Wood Planks	50	50
0	I	Large Medkit	5	10
#0	I	Explosives	2	5

Thanks I will try this now, I started yesterday so I was kind of lost, and I prefer the rust + + than the oxide,

Im sure you can find something with rust++

Yea oxide isn’t that user friendly imo

AR15, how can I clean the crafting of the users, so they can not know how to make explosive, without giving wipe the server.