How to block use of !menu ? [IMPORTANT]

Hey there! how do i stop people from using the command !menu on my server? because people are using it too get to the rcon! A reply quick would be very handy!
Many thanks, ‘shiny’ xD

Your thread is not more “important” than anyone else’s.
If they can get RCon access just by being able to see the menu, blocking it won’t really solve the issue.
You probably set up permissions the wrong way.
Which admin mod are you using?

ULX Admin. If you press !menu; you get a tab on the left saying rcon… people can click that and ener a command… i need to know how to block them from using !menu and it would really help.
PS. i didnt do the permissions; how do i change permissions so they cant use !menu?

Are you sure everyone can? If that’s the case you’ve granted access to “ulx rcon” to the user group.

[tab]Groups->user->Manage Permissions, then just uncheck everything.

Wow; that simple! thanks man! wish i could give you a reward :stuck_out_tongue:

You could mark the thread as solved, then I would be very happy.
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