How to blow up wall with only 1 C4

Enjoy blowing shit up

Tl,Dr of what happened in the video - Thanks for summarizing <3.

hmm if the servers where up i would try that

Nice video. It kind of makes me wish a server was up so I could do it myself :frowning:

Pretty sure that is only with old walls.

Well its been like this since the last update

Yes it’s just because of decayed walls. Someone C4’d a newly placed wall yesterday and it did not destroy it and I repaired it abck to full.

Someonne didnt know how to place a C4.

If you place it in the middle top it will blow up with one c4

That wall didn’t look decayed at all. This certainly needs a good fixin.

Was fresh

  1. that was clearly not the middle of the dam wall

  2. he just got lucky and got one that was decayed enough to blow down with 1 c4

  3. your an idiot

Yo, you need to calm down.

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heres how you can prove it. make a video, place a wall, blow it up with one c4.

Hmmm… Upload the video when I said friendly and u attacked me so I beat ur ass, upload it!

wait when how why ?

Was a video really necessary on how to click once on a wall with C4?

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hello guy

It all depends on what is near the wall. If you have a furnace slightly sticking out of a wall it will blow that. If you have stairs on the wall it will blow that. Decay plays a roll as well.