How to blow yourself up using C4 and a Sniper rifle.

Funny things you should definitely try at home.

good work.


Bahahahahahaha :v: Have a well-deserved funny.

You did well in choosing gm_construct, because he is kind of a playground to try new stuff

Booom and of he went. Funny delivered.


Thread title should be “Super Pogo stick of doom”

And people say Construct Screenies aren’t quality.

I loved the last frame.

Nice posing! have an artistic!
i just loved the last panel!

Also, join the “construct is actually really cool” club!

Congratulations! You now have a sniper rifle firmly lodged in your ass.


^^ Great comic.

Meh. would’ve been funnier if it was feasible in the real world. C4 can be shot and even burned without going off - it only reacts to electrical charge. Hell, I’ve seen some soldiers lighting cigarettes with the stuff.

It works with any TNT so that’s not a problem. And seeing as the C4 probably if filled with all kinds of explosive stuff, shooting at the right place probably would cause it to blow up.


C4 isn’t filled with explosive, it IS explosive material that does not react to heat, impact or fire. But yeah, it’d work with dynamite.

The C stands for Composition. Therefore, C4 is Composition-four.