How to bypass VBSP.exe entities limit ?

Hello everyone,

I am not really advanced in hammer and stuff, but basically what I am trying to do is to bypass entities limit of vbsp.exe which is 8092. I am converting csgo maps to source maps in order to use crafty for exporting it to .obj files. So as you can guess I don’t really care about performance in-game and all I need is the way to bypass that number or change it to anything else. I have read that some people have changed the code of vbsp.exe, but seems like download links aren’t working anymore and I am asking for your help.

Thanks in advance,

you shouldn’t need entities when compiling it for an obj?

I’m compiling vmf back to bsp (supported by css) and then use crafty to export it to .obj

Are you trying to export props as well? there should be no reason to not just hide all entities.

I want to export everything as it is.

Not sure if that would be possible then. As far as I know, the entity limit is hard-coded into the engine itself.

can you not export the vmf as a .DXF ten convert it to an obj or would you lose something in the convertion ??