How to bzip2 a whole folder?

Question 1:
as the title :3.

Question 2:

does the server automaticly download .bz2 files or do i have to make it download it?.

7-zip should do it. and dpending of what sort of file map,material,cache etc if it will dl auto or not

gonna test to use 7zip

To bzip2 a lot of files at once, download this: and after downloading all that you have to do is drag the files on top of the .exe and let go - it will automatically delete the files and replace them with the .bzip2 version. There is a limit on how many you can drag at one time, if you do too many at once a windows error will show up - the easy way around this is to do less at once.

Yes, it will automatically download .bzip2 files on the FastDL server.

i use 7zip for zipping all files on my ttt server

Sorry, you will need this as well:

Just place it in the same folder as bzip2.exe and it should work.

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Good for you. Other people may like to use something else.

so what command should i use?

If you are referring to what I linked you to, none. Just drag the files on top of the bzip2.exe and then let go of the mouse button and it should automatically compress them.

If you are referring to 7zip, I have no idea. You will likely have to create a batch file in order to bzip2 multiple files at once. AFAIK 7zip is limited to one file at a time by normal methods.

yes, but how do i compress all the files at the same time, compress the files in the whole “Materials” folder

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Using bzip2.exe? Drag and drop. You may have to do this multiple times, but it should work.

it was not that hard as i tough :D, thanks!

  1. put em on the bzip2.exe
  2. cut the bzip2.exe
  3. put it in the next folder
  4. Repeat.

dont forget our love darksoul :3

The bzip2.exe does not have to be in the same folder.

Anyway, you’re welcome.

okay, the downloads is super fast now :smiley:

I’ve got a super secret hack one, you run it and it bzips everything in the folder, recursively.

One of these days I’ll make + release one to the public.

Or, if you were on Linux, you could just do

find . -type f | xargs bzip2