How to carry addons from another account?

Hello, straight to the point:

I had GMod on my old account which I’m not using at all anymore and was only using for GMod.

I recently bought GMod for my new account on summer sale.

I can’t access to content I’ve installed with my old account using the new account.

How do I?

I know they’re still there because I can access to both new and old content at the same time if I’ve started GMod while I’m offline.

Thank you in advance.

Copy and paste, if not from the folder.

You can figure that out, from there

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Best is to simply re-download from steam, as, it lets you consider whats ACTUALLY useful and spot new ones.

It seemed like the best to me at first, too. But after doing it for some of them, I figured that it will never finish. This should make you understand my addons folder’s size.

So, I need an easy version.

Easy version: Copy & Paste. Otherwise, you’re out of luck.

What copy&paste youre talking about? Both old and new content is in common addons folder. There is something (Which requires an internet connection) that tells the game these are this account’s and these are the other one’s.