How to catch abusive admins!

Take a look at this:

If you set your name to the Admin’s you receive everything they spawn for themselves. On this server I got 25 c4 and around 50 stacks of gunpowder. Wonder what he could possibly need all that for?

The server that video took place on was net.connect

Use it and find out what people are spawning, and call them out. Don’t be abusive and keep things like uber hatchets/admin armor, though.

their server they can do what they want. dont be a dick about it and tell them how to use the thing they spent their money on

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although clever way to have some fun with an admin like that so kudos to you for that one

This was posted like 20 minutes ago…

As I said in the first thread (look before you post), spawning items isn’t admin abuse. How they use the items could be, but if I want to spawn a bunch of building materials to make a masterpiece or go crazy slaughtering every animal I can find, that isn’t abuse and if you don’t like it, join another server.